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Program Overview

The EAL staff /department at KAS  is committed to assisting students at all levels of English proficiency to develop their English and academic skills in the shortest possible time.

We offer a  comprehensive and innovative language program which provides students with the best English instruction, the newest methodologies, and the most up-to-date language-instruction technology available in an international school.


1.When Khartoum American School Admission form indicates that a language other than English is or has been used, at home or at school, language proficiency assessment will be administered by an EAL teacher.

2. When a student is referred for EAL instruction by a mainstream teacher a referral form has to be completed and then language proficiency assessment will be administered by an EAL teacher.

3. When language proficiency assessments indicate a student is eligible for EAL instruction, the student must be assigned an LEP Level.

4. The responsibility of establishing LEP Levels rests with the EAL teacher, not the mainstream teacher.

5. The Kindergarten teacher would give a list of students recommended for the EAL program to the grade 1 teacher.

6. In August, December and May, all EAL students' levels of proficiency must be reassessed and updated according to guidelines.

7. The criteria for determining LEP Levels are based on a combination of observation and test scores.

8. Assessment used for determining LEP Levels include but is not limited to:

Gates- Macginitie Reading Test – Reading

SOLOM – Oral ( Listening and Speaking)

Six traits Writing assessment – Writing


The mission of the EAL department is to ensure that the English language needs of the LEP students are met. Once a student has been assessed, the EAL Teacher and the classroom teacher will meet to discuss the specific needs, English proficiency level, and schedule/availability of the student. Depending upon the student's English ability, background and needs, the student will be scheduled with an EAL teacher. Each student will receive assistance in English according to his/her needs, schedule, availability and assessment results. The EAL teacher and classroom teacher will meet periodically to discuss the student's progress in English.

Limited English Proficiency Levels of EAL Students

EAL students should be assigned a number from 1 to 5 to indicate their proficiency level. Advancement from one level to another is not a function of time.

Level 1: Beginner

  • The student does not understand or speak English with the exception of a few isolated words or expressions.

Level 2: Upper Beginner

  • The student understands and speaks conversational and academic English with hesitancy and difficulty.
  • The student understands parts of lessons and simple directions.
  • The student is a pre-emergent or emergent level of reading and writing in English, significantly below grade level.

Level 3: Intermediate

  • The student understands and speaks conversational and academic English with decreasing hesitancy and difficulty.
  • The student is post-emergent, developing reading comprehension and writing skills in English.
  • The student’s English literacy skills allow the student to demonstrate academic knowledge in content areas with assistance.

Level 4: Advanced Intermediate

  • The student understands and speaks conversational English without apparent difficult, but understands and speaks academic English with some hesitancy.
  • The student continues to acquire reading and writing skills in content areas needed to achieve grade level expectations with assistance.

Level 5: Advanced (May Exit)

  • The student understands and speaks conversational and academic English well.
  • The student is near proficient in reading, writing, and content area skills needed to meet grade level expectations.
  • The student requires occasional support.

Level 6: Exit

  • The student was formerly limited-English proficient and is now fully English proficient.
  • The student understands, speaks, reads, and writes English, and possesses skills to succeed in academic classes at or above the student’s age or grade level.