KAS CIS Accreditation


Khartoum American School is a school that is committed to continuous improvement. One of the ways in which we accomplish this goal is through the accreditation process.  Over the past twenty years, KAS has been accredited through the Middle States Association (MSA) of Schools and Colleges [http://www.msa-cess.org/].  MSA is a recognized leader in national and international educational communities and its goal is “to improve the quality of education through the accreditation process and to affirm to the public the trustworthiness of its accredited members for the Twenty-First Century.” In January 2008, after an 18-month process that involved an extensive Self-Study and a visit by seven international educators, KAS was also accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) [http://www.cois.org/].  Joining a distinguished list of international schools accredited by CIS, Khartoum American School won high praise for its student-centered approach and inquiry-based program.

What does this mean for Khartoum American School? Both CIS and MSA provide standards of excellence that Khartoum American School must meet in order to receive “accredited” status.  Every ten years, Khartoum American School undergoes an extensive self-examination of every part of its program:  its curriculum, its faculty and staff, its governance and finances, its student support services, its facilities, etc.  A team of international educators then visits the school and reviews all areas of the school to ensure that what KAS claims to be doing is actually being done.  Between these Team Visits, annual reports provide the necessary accountability of the school, its teachers, its administration, and its Board to meet the standards of both accrediting agencies.

What difference does it make to the students? Students who attend internationally accredited schools like KAS will have no problem transferring to international or national schools in other nations.  Students who graduate from internationally accredited schools like KAS will have their credentials recognized by universities around the world.  Accreditation is the sign of quality that schools and universities look for when admitting students from Sudan to their programs.





KAS is a full member of the Africa International School Association (AISA). The mission of the Association of International Schools in Africa [http://www.aisa.or.ke](AISA) is to facilitate improvement in learning and teaching through communication and cooperation among member schools, and to promote professional growth of teachers, administrators, and board members.

Africa International School Association

KAS is an active member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) [http://www.ascd.org] which is a community of educators, advocating sound policies and sharing best practices to achieve the success of each learner.   ASCD addresses all aspects of effective teaching and learning—such as professional development, educational leadership, and capacity building. ASCD offers broad, multiple perspectives—across all education professions—in reporting key policies and practices. “ASCD reflects the conscience and content of education.” (ASCD mission statements)  Faculty and administrators at Khartoum American School have been actively involved in a major curriculum initiative based on one of ASCD’s most prominent objectives of Understanding by Design.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development