Drawing and Painting Techniques

Course Description:

The Drawing and Painting Techniques Art class is designed to give students the opportunity to gain confidence in producing art by reinforcing their artistic skills, and by introducing them to how art can be a great way for self-expression. Students will be introduced to different artists and their drawing and painting techniques. They will then choose their favorite painters and try to adopt and combine their different drawing and painting styles by creating their own vision and developing their own ideas. Students will then produce their own final painting or drawing and will display their artwork in an art exhibition at the end of the semester.


  • Introduction to Art class.
  • Personalization.
  • Artist’s research.
  • Drawing and painting sketches
  • Final Painting.

Skills and Understandings:

Students will understand:

  • The meaning of Personalization
  • How different artists from different eras have different painting and drawing techniques.
  • How to develop their own painting and drawing techniques through experimenting and sketching
  • Different art mediums and how they can be used for the best effect in compositions.

This course upholds the KAS mission statement by:

  • Allowing students to develop a positive self-image through collaborative group work and self-reflection.
  • Empowering students to develop self-discipline by following routine and schedules on a daily basis.
  • Allowing students to make positive changes worldwide through the various art projects