Middle School Advisory and Exploratory Curriculum

Course Description:

Middle School has reserved a full block exclusively for Exploratory and Advisory. These classes take place on a rotating basis. While one day is devoted to Exploratory, the next time around will be for Advisory.

Advisory classes are used to address academic support study strategies, teenage issues and character values, enhance community, and model behavior. In addition to character and behavioral issues, these classes are used to support major summative academic events such as the Science Fair and the student-led parent teacher conferences.

Exploratory classes include a variety of areas that middle school students would normally not be exposed to: Some examples are woodwork, photography, community service, yoga, gardening, nutrition and cooking etc. These classes rotate quarterly and are marked either P (pass) or F (fail) in the report card.



  • Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Conflict Management and Prevention
  • Listening Skills
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Independent Study Skills
  • Study and Learning Skills
  • Future Directions: Goal Setting and Career Planning

Skills and Understandings

  • Students will learn problem-solving, creative and collaborative skills
  • Students will learn how to manage conflict and deal with it in an appropriate manner
  • Students will respect diverse perspectives and exercise empathy and consideration toward others and the environment
  • Students will demonstrate ethical behaviors in personal and community contexts
  • Students will work productively with others and demonstrate teamwork and leadership
  • Students will adapt to different roles and responsibilities

This course upholds the KAS mission statement by:

  • Focusing on all Four C’s : Character, Community, Curriculum and Citizenship by addressing character values

  • Allowing middle school students to work together to build a cohesive community
  • Emphasizing study and learning skills to support students in becoming more independent and critical learners
  • Fostering global citizenship by learning how to manage and celebrate differences and similarities